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John studied Social Science at Wolverhampton University, writing a thesis on philosophy and ideology. He went on to do a Masters in Computational Psychology at the University of Wales in Cardiff. He then worked in research at Manchester University, reading Social, Evolutionary and Clinical Psychology.

He has worked as an Assistant Psychologist, designing behavior programs at a school for Autistic children, and  managed projects for the protection of runaway children for Children’s Services in London. He has also worked in an honorary capacity for a development project in Uganda.

In 2011, he trained and gained experience in teaching in London before moving on to teach English in China. Since then, he has been called on by Chinese universities to help raise cultural understanding, and has taught British History, British Government, Western Philosophy and Academic Communication.

In 2021, he returned to the UK to write a book on Reason. He's currently in the process of publishing it and resuming employment at the China University of Science and Technology.

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